Corona measures

After a long period of closure, we will open our cruising space from Tuesday September 1, 2020. Just like in the shop, this is accompanied by strict conditions.

An overview:

  1. You buy a ticket per time slot, not per day
    • The day is divided into 2 time slots:
      • Time slot 1: from 12:00 to 14:30
      • Time slot 2: from 15:00 to 17:30
    • A maximum of 10 people are allowed per time slot.
    • You may only have contact with a maximum of 1 person.
    • You can only buy 1 ticket per day for 1 time slot.
    • You cannot reserve your place for a timeslot.
  2. After each time slot, the cruising is completely cleaned so that everything can proceed safely for the next group.
  3. Hand gel is provided. Use is mandatory before and after your visit.
  4. After oral sexual contact, not only wash your hands but also think about your genitals and face.
  5. Mouth masks are mandatory in the cruising area unless during oral sexual activities. Kissing is prohibited according to the police regulations.
  6. Do not cum on the floors or seats. This ensures that the cruising is safe for all other people in your timeslot.
  7. Keep the cruising neat. Throw papers in the bins. This way you keep the cruising experience fun and hygienic for all people in your timeslot.

In addition to these measures, we made a few rules so that we can maximize the space of the cruising. Therefore:

  • Bring as little luggage as possible.
  • Bags, backpacks, etc. must be stored in the lockers (deposit for the key: € 10.00)
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the cruising area.
  • All other conditions of our code of conduct remain applicable.

We are committed to keeping the cruising experience safe for everyone. That is why we offer the opportunity to participate in our contact tracing. Please leave your name and telephone number when you visit so that we can contact you discreetly if someone in your group tests positive for covid-19. All data is kept confidential for 21 days.
Keep us informed if you would test positive yourself after visiting our crusing area.
Contact tracing is optional, but recommended.


These rules and the opening date can still change.
Please check this message before coming to our cruising so that you are aware of the latest guidelines. Failure to comply with these measures can lead to exclusion from the cruising area.

Last update: 19-10-2020