1. Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers, offers and deliveries of Man Playz and to all agreements and all resulting obligations whereby Man Playz (the seller) acts as the selling party and a natural person (the customer) as the customer.
  2. Any purchase conditions applied by the customer and deviating from these conditions will only be binding on Man Playz if and insofar as these conditions have been explicitly accepted in writing by a member of the management board of Man Playz. Our agreement can in no way be inferred from the circumstance that we would have accepted the trade agreement without protesting against the provisions referring to the general or special conditions or to other similar provisions of the customer.

2. Liability

  1. The seller is not liable for damage, however named and in any event arisen, which may be inflicted on persons or goods by goods or services supplied by the seller.

3. Prices

  1. All proposals and price lists are without obligation and are only valid for information purposes, so that they do not bind the seller in any way. Also prices mentioned on the seller's website do not count as an offer. Our prices can be changed without prior notice.
  2. All mentioned prices are stated in euros and unless explicitly stated otherwise including VAT. Costs and packaging are not included in our prices. The shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.
  3. The seller reserves the right to adjust the sales prices at any time for the delivery of the goods in function of the changes in the cost prices or the price fluctuations of the foreign currency; this right remains fully applicable even if the order confirmation from the seller mentions a different sales price. In such a case, the customer reserves the right to cancel the order at the new price within 3 days after notification.
  4. The seller reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of at least € 15.00 per change on every order to which the customer wishes to make changes and which has already been processed by the seller. This change may involve a price reduction that a vendor allows to a customer in the context of a special vendor action and which the customer reports late to the seller, an addition of lines to an order, a change in the number of units ordered, a change of product, etc.
  5. The seller can not be held liable for not executing an order as a result of force majeure, for example in case of depletion of the stock, the absence of deliveries by the suppliers of the seller, the destruction of goods as a result of accidents, strike, fire , flood etc. This list is not restrictive. The seller is not obliged to prove the unforeseeable nature of the circumstance that constitutes force majeure.
  6. Discounts on items are only valid as long as stocks last or as stated in the discount. Discounts can not be combined with other promotions. If the customer can benefit from a reduced price through the vendor's loyalty program, discounts via promotions will count as a discount on the fidelity price.
  7. When customers receive a discount through the vendor's loyalty program, the customer must mention the seller in advance and before the checkout. After the payment, the customer is no longer entitled to the discounts associated with the loyalty program.

4. Delivery terms

  1. The delivery times are only provided by way of information and are therefore not binding. Delays in the delivery can under no circumstances give rise to a fine, compensation or dissolution of the agreement.
  2. The previous provision can only be deviated from by means of an express and written agreement between the parties.
  3. The seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries, which constitute partial sales. The partial delivery of an order can not justify the refusal to pay for the delivered goods.

5. Deliveries

  1. The goods are deemed to have been delivered after the shipment and the risk of the goods passes to the customer.
  2. The customer is obliged to receive the goods at the time of delivery, or to collect them at the time that the goods are ready for collection. Costs that arise due to refusal of receipt or non-timely collection of the ordered items, including storage costs, are at the expense of the customer.

6. Payments

  1. All order forms must always be paid for shipping or delivery and for the date stated on the order form or invoice. In the case of dispatches on cash on delivery, payment will be made upon delivery.
  2. In the event of non-payment on the due date of a single invoice or order form, the seller reserves the right to suspend all deliveries without notice of default. In this case, the customer unilaterally terminates the agreement.
  3. In case of unilateral dissolution of the agreement by the customer, he will pay compensation of at least 15% of the total price. A higher compensation can be requested if the damage is greater than 15%.
  4. The payment of the invoices may never be subjected to the installation or to the commissioning of the delivered goods.
  5. The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the principal sum, the costs, the interest and, if applicable, the compensation.
  6. No money will be returned on Gift Cards nor will they be exchanged for money. Gift Cards must not be used up in one go. They can be used in parts. The remaining part will be retained on the Gift Card.

Return shipments

  1. Return shipments are only accepted after telephone consultation or confirmation by e-mail within 14 days. Unless otherwise agreed, the costs for the return shipment are for the customer.
  2. Unstamped returns are not accepted.
  3. Opened and / or damaged items in return shipments are not accepted as well as hygiene products or items that are personalized or made according to the customer's instructions.
  4. Return shipments of films are only accepted when the film does not work. Films in returns are not refunded but replaced by the same title after checking the film.
  5. The seller is never responsible for the return shipment and can never be held liable for this.
  6. Regarding returns accepted by the seller, the agreed refund amount will be refunded within 30 days or transferred to the customer in the form of a Gift Card. The seller decides in each situation what reimbursement method he will use.
  7. In accordance with the regulations regarding distance selling, the customer has the right to cancel within 7 working days from the day after the delivery date any order that he has placed via the website for the purpose of reimbursement. The conditions stated in 7.c and 7.d remain applicable.